Piquet Polo shirt with Chambray collar and selvedge tape
Fade dyeing on tailored jackets
Seam Sealing on Sweater front insert
Thermal bonding fixation on zipper
Relief mailar crack print
Down padding on sweater
Mix of high quality yarn fines piquets
Strong stone washed sweater with hand made holes and irregular stitches
Thermal taping on neoprene wool fabrics


Since 1984 in Castelfranco Veneto, Confezioni Raffaella S.r.l has been following international fashion with experience and sensitivity, offering its production and design experience to important names in the clothing industry. Confezioni Raffaella was founded in 1983 by Mrs. Raffaella Artuso, who decided to resign from her job as an employee to establish her own company, supplying hand cutting manufacturing and ironing of the garments. In 1986 the company reached a turning point one of the customers for whom Confezioni Raffaella worked offered a change of route, by requesting the supply of finished products - made up and ready to market. Confezioni Raffaella accepted the challenge and started its first third party production for around a thousand garments. Today Confezioni Raffaella is a company with a worldwide production network , it has set up a series of partnerships on national land , estern Europe and middleeast, with over a thousand workers, twenty of which in the administration offices in Castelfranco Veneto. By exporting the know-how to the markets of the most competitive developing countries, Confezioni Raffaella has managed to preserve the competitive advantages linked to product quality and competitive prices, combining these with totally flexible management of the production capacity.


The Made in Italy of the garments is guarantee for the products made on the national land, with the supervision of the Confezioni Raffaella's operators and internal design studio which prepares the new collections for each season. Part of the collection and productions are currently manufactured abroad. A consolidated network of workshops guarantees high quality products, with the aid of a team of workers who handle problems regarding production both within the company and operating directly on the site. Confezioni Raffaella's typical production cycle goes from 'the research right through to the finished product'. The technologies used (CAD, used to develop and create models) guarantee an extremely precise and efficient service. The highly qualified staff are capable of following the production of a creation from design of the prototype to preparation of the salesman samples that precedes the production order.


Confezioni Raffaella S.R.L.

Via dell’Artigianato 11, Salvatronda di Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italy Map

T: 0423/424100
P. IVA: 00859930265

Graphic design and development
Leonardo Pertile and Leonardo Azzolini

Luca Filardi